Ian Spanier

How Do The Rivals III Rookies Feel About Their Challenge Chances?

It's the first rodeo for Ashley, Devin, Cheyenne, Nate and Brandon -- and they all share similar sentiments about their newbie status

Challenge veterans are known to go after rookies as soon as the cutthroat competition begins -- and the new players are usually the first folks to have a date with the dreaded initial elimination. But how do the Rivals III first-time contestants -- the majority of 'em Are You the One? love hopefuls -- feel about their chances in the one-of-a-kind athletic environment?

"I'm not worried about being a rookie at all -- I actually think it gives me a lot of advantages because [I have a] clean slate with everybody -- and that barely happens with me," drama king Devin declares in the clip above.

And the Season 3 AYTO vet -- who was instrumental with the strategy play to take home the dating series jackpot -- is not the only one feeling confident before embarking on the road to the grand prize.

"I know a lot of these people, and they don't even have any clue who I am," self-proclaimed Challenge super-fan Brandon admits. "I kind of know what some of them are up to, and it's going to help us a lot in this game."

But do Nate, Ashley and Cheyenne think their inexperience will help or hinder their time in Mexico? Watch the video to find out -- and be sure to catch the premiere of The Challenge: Rivals III tomorrow night at 10/9c!