Teen Mom 2 Transition: How Is Ali Adjusting To Her Wheelchair?

Leah's daughter got a new-and-improved device during tonight's episode

Shortly after Ali's muscular dystrophy diagnosis, Leah's daughter began using a wheelchair in an effort to help preserve her energy. While the wheelchair was out of commission for a short time and needed to be repaired, the mother of three received the new-and-improved, movable chair during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode. So how is the six-year-old -- who was visibly excited to go for a spin and operated the device with ease -- adapting to it?

"She is adjusting so well to having her wheelchair," Leah recently told MTV News (as seen in the video above). "She uses it at school; I'll take it with me to Gracie's competitions. She uses it for music, to go up stairs, to go outside and play -- to feel independent. She's so much happier."

When is Ali -- who went for her first ride in a similar wheelchair during Season 4 of the long-running series -- expected to use it full-time? Watch the clip to hear Leah's response, and be sure to keep watching Ali's progress on Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 10/9c.