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7 CDs You Forgot You Bought At Limited Too

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For tweens growing up in the late ‘90s, Limited Too was the go-to place for every new, cool trend -- and not just fashion. In addition to slap bracelets and toe socks -- because nothing says fashion like a slap bracelet -- don't forget that you could also buy CDs at your favorite store in the mall.

Once you made it past the racks of satin pajamas, one-size-fits-all popcorn shirts, Neopets stuffed animals, body glitter, and inflatable furniture -- man, what a bizarre world it was -- you then encountered the CDs patiently waiting next to the cash register (alongside an oversize bin of Lip Smacker lip balm). If this sounds like your childhood, here's what you were probably listening to long before iTunes and Spotify existed.

  1. Play

    You likely heard "Us Against the World" played on loop at Limited Too, where the girl group sold their debut EP. (Lizzie McGuire and Mary-Kate and Ashley were also fans of the song.) If you're wondering what Play is up to now, each member has been doing her own thing since the band split in 2005.

  2. The Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack
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    Speaking of Lizzie McGuire, Limited Too was seriously in love with the show. The store once dedicated an entire catalogue to Lizzie, so of course it sold the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack. Who could forget Hilary Duff's iconic "I Can't Wait" song?

  3. The Lizzie McGuire Movie Soundtrack
    Walt Disney

    Unsurprisingly, The Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack soon followed. It was a beautiful time to be alive.

  4. Dream, It Was All a Dream
    Bad Boy

    At some point, you sang "He Loves U Not" into your hairbrush while dancing around your room à la Lizzie. Don't lie to yourself. This is a safe space.

  5. Disneymania
    Walt Disney

    Continuing the Disney theme, Limited Too carried the OG Disneymania, where stars like Aaron Carter, Usher, Christina Aguilera, and more put their poppy spin on classic Disney hits. Jessica Simpson, in particular, put Ariel to shame with her version of "Part of Your World."

  6. Disneymania 2
    Walt Disney

    Because one Disneymania just wasn't enough.

  7. #1 Too Tunes

    Limited Too was so damn cool it had its OWN freakin' CD that featured Solange's "Feel Good Song," Kelly Rowland's "Can't Nobody," and Play's "Hopelessly Devoted" cover. Suck it, Claire's Accessories.