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Kylie Jenner And Her BFF Got Matching Tattoos

She also gave a tattoo — busy weekend

Kendall Jenner may wear matching necklaces with her best friends, but Kylie and hers are repping their bond a little more permanently with matching tattoos.

On Saturday, Kylie and her BFF, Jordyn Woods, debuted matching "M" finger tattoos. It seems likely that Kylie picked the color and size — the rest of her tattoos are also small and red. Maybe Jordyn can pick next time.

Kylie didn't just get a tattoo, though — she gave one too. On Snapchat, her friends captured her permanently marking tattoo artist Jon Boy with — surprise!! — something small and red.

There's about to be a surge in tiny red tattoos, right? I mean, this guy will definitely get one, at the very least.

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