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Emilia Clarke And Sam Claflin Will Make You Believe In Love In New Me Before You Trailer

We can't even make it through the trailer without crying

If there's one film that's guaranteed to make us cry in public this year, it's Me Before You, the big screen adaptation of author Jojo Moyes's bestselling tear-jerker. Starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, the drama follows the unlikely romance between quirky, working-class girl Louisa and wealthy, broody quadriplegic Will.

After a serious accident leaves him in a wheelchair, former thrill-seeker Will decides that his life isn't worth living -- until he meets Lou, his chipper new caretaker. Worlds apart, the two get off to a rocky start, but as Lou becomes determined to prove to Will that life is worth living through a series of adventures, Will finds himself falling in love with her. Sob.

The newly released trailer highlights the palpable chemistry between the Game of Thrones star and the Hunger Games actor, two of the most charismatic people to ever share screen time together. (That's a fact; you can quote us on it.)

Watch as Lou and Will ever-so-tenderly fall in love to Imagine Dragon's "Not Today" in the trailer above, and just let the tears fall.

Me Before You hits theaters on June 3.