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All Of Beyoncé's Formation Tour Bodysuits — Sequins, Latex, And So Much More


Beyoncé kicked off her Formation World Tour in Miami last night, and with it came some counterintuitive merch and a bunch of new bodysuits for you to familiarize yourself with.

Let's do this.

  1. Very Victorian

    Bey kicked off the show in Dsquared2, the same duo behind her Michael Jackson-inspired Super Bowl ensemble. She opens the show with "Formation," which means, of course, a wide-brimmed hat makes an appearance.

  2. White ruffles

    Bey — and all her backup dancers! — wore custom ruffled Balmain bodysuits. The overall effect is very Prince, no?

  3. Prints on prints

    Things got remarkably less 1800s when Bey emerged in a printed red-and-white outfit, which, fittingly, she wears to perform "Flawless."

  4. Sparkly gold, pt. 1

    Then came the first of two sparkly gold outfits, though this one features a midsection cutout, so it's really like a two-piece. Pretttty rare for a bodysuit, IMHO.

  5. 🔥 Latex 🔥

    Then, Beyoncé changed into a skintight, bright red bodysuit with matching boots. She also went face-to-face with a fan and, thankfully, triumphed.

  6. Crystal Cavalli

    She then went full sparkles in a black crystal Cavalli bodysuit — spoiler alert: it's all bodysuits — very reminiscent of her Super Bowl performance outfit. Oh, and yeah, those tiger print boots are velvet.

  7. Sparkly gold, pt. 2

    Bey then closed down the show in another sparkly gold look, though she skipped shoes so she could dance in water without worry.

So, yeah, if you don't have tickets to this show yet, ummm, buy ‘em.

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