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Gigi Gorgeous Looks, Well, Gorgeous For Latest Magazine Spread

Gigi graces us with her presence in Kode magazine

Gigi Gorgeous is no stranger to being in magazines, which is probably why she looks so bomb in her latest feature for Kode Magazine.

Naturally, Gigi goes for some serious glamour in the shoot and talks about what it's like to be friends with people like Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus. Cool, you guess? Correct!

"I hope people gravitate to me because I am a real person and I strongly believe if you put out good energy it will come back to you," she says in the mag. "I also have so many great friends that I’ve remained close with in Canada since high school. I had a few friends when moving to L.A. but have been so lucky to have made such great friends. I think it's most important to be honest and real and put out good vibes."

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