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Taylor Swift Teased Calvin Harris And Rihanna's New Collab So Cleverly You Missed It


Last night, Calvin Harris revealed that he and Rihanna have teamed up again and will be dropping a song on April 29, which, by the way, is TOMORROW.

Alongside the announcement and title — "This Is What You Came For" — was the single art, which, sadly, doesn't feature Rihanna's face, but instead some blue mountains and trees being struck by lightning.

It's very reminiscent of a Girl Scout patch I would've been awarded had I ever actually gone camping with my troop instead of making up excuses every single time, but thankfully it represents something even better.

One person who is obviously excited for these two to collaborate again AND who recognizes the fashion potential in this design is Taylor Swift, who wore it on a jacket before we even knew what it was.

Yes, almost two weeks ago, before she became a Coachella expert, Taylor shared a photo of herself wearing the single art on the back of her jacket. She threw us off the scent with her platinum hair, which she debuted at the same time.

Hopefully now that it's all out there, this jacket will be for sale somewhere? Because I NEED IT.

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