Lontalius's ‘Kick In The Head’ Video Will Make You Book A Trip To New Zealand

The 19-year-old musician explores the wild, induces wanderlust

New Zealand's Lontalius is a mere 19 years old, an age that seems less young today -- a time when Soundcloud uploads and vivacious Twitter presences can springboard careers -- than it might've even five years ago. And Lontalius (real name: Eddie Johnston), who first garnered attention due to his minimal, droning covers of popular songs by Drake, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé, can speak to that kind of fame.

His album I'll Forget 17, released in March, is a collection of rainy-day cuts that don't pull any punches. There are songs called "My Dreams Are Dark" and "A Feeling So Sweet" and "Glow" that match their titles, just as the album's moniker (a shortened Frank Ocean lyric) matches the emotional vulnerability it suggests.

"Kick in the Head," in particular, is grey and quietly violent in its imagery -- which makes the song's new music video, which premiered today via The Fader, so striking. Filmed in the gorgeous natural surroundings of New Zealand by a special infrared camera, the "Kick in the Head" visual makes the pain of the lyrics a bit easier to take. Everything looks cooler behind a photo filter, after all. Watch it below.