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7 Times Selena Gomez Killed 'Em With Kindness

Sel's new single isn't all talk — she's been killin' it for years

Selena Gomez’s latest album, Revival, ushered in a new phase of her career: Her first three singles, “Good for You,” “Same Old Love,” and “Hands to Myself,” get into subjects like confidence, mature relationships, and even sex. But on her fourth from the 2015 LP, Sel is preaching about a different kind love.

“Kill Em With Kindness” features a catchy whistle hook and an infectious earworm of a chorus. “Kill em with kindness / Go ahead, go ahead now,” Selena sings on repeat. It may be the most positive message you’ll hear on pop radio this spring, and it’s also been a real-life mantra of sorts for the 23-year-old. Here are seven examples that prove it:

  1. When she told a bunch of superfans she loved them, just because.

    For no apparent reason other than to show die-hard Selenators that their love is reciprocated, Sel once individually tagged lucky fans on Instagram, giving them the ultimate social surprise.

  2. When she became a hero for Puerto Rican pups.

    While shooting the Wizards of Waverly Place movie in Puerto Rico in 2009, Sel got involved with Island Dog, an organization that helps stray and abandoned dogs on the island's beaches. Horrified at the pups’s plight, she hosted a volunteer event for Island Dog, which helped them raise $17,000. (She even adopted one lucky dog herself.)

  3. When she complimented Lorde although they weren’t exactly friends.

    Once upon a time, Lorde basically said she wasn’t a fan of Sel’s music, and people immediately assumed a bitter rivalry was afoot. But when Seventeen asked Selena shortly after Lorde’s “dis” to name a rising star who embodies “girl power,” Sel answered, “There is one artist that I think is very powerful. She doesn’t really like me, and that’s all right, but her name’s Lorde and she’s really cool. I do think her message is very powerful. She’s very young but she’s got a lot to say and that’s great, so more power to her.” SO MUCH CLASS.

  4. When she granted so many Make-A-Wish requests that the organization gave her a special award.

    Sel’s been granting wishes left and right since 2007 -- so many, in fact, that she was honored with the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award in 2013, which is basically the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

  5. When she reminded her fans on Instagram that she only stands for kindness.

    No stranger to shutting down Internet bullies in cool and classy fashion, Selena once responded to a user on Instagram who urged someone else to self-harm. Naturally, Sel wasn’t standing for hate; only love.

  6. When she became the youngest UNICEF ambassador ever.

    Selena’s been involved with the children’s rights organization since 2009, and has traveled around the world promoting its efforts, raising funds, performing in charity concert events, and appearing in moving videos like the one above.

  7. When she boldly encouraged fans to forgive their haters.

    In 2014, Selena gave a truly inspiring speech at We Day Canada where she talked about loving yourself, being confident, and turning the other cheek when it comes to dealing with haters.

    “I want you guys to know that the trick is to focus on the love and what I want you guys to do -- every rude comment you get, every person that tries to hurt you, personally or through the Internet, I want you to forgive them. Just forgive them, ‘cause they don’t even know. They have no idea,” she challenged fans.

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