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Kim Kardashian Should Fire Her New Glam Squad

They seem way too rough!!!!

Looking like Kim Kardashian, unsurprisingly, takes a lot of work. Thanks to her app, Instagram, Snapchat, and everywhere else we follow her, we've become familiar with the glam squad that preps her on the regular.

In a recent snap, Kim shared the big news that she had hired some new stylists to get her camera-ready and, um, I think she should fire them.

First of all, they seem too young to have jobs — maybe labor laws in California are different? — and second, they're so rough! While it is nice to have four hands on deck — no matter how small — the ambiance seems less than calming. Plus, like, I'm not sure they're really working together toward the same goal.

I have a feeling Jen Atkin will be back in no time.