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Lady Gaga And Elton John Are Launching A Clothing Line As Eccentric As You'd Imagine

I'll take 300 scarves with Lady Gaga's face on it, thank you

If you have ever dreamed of an eccentric clothing line spawned from the minds of Lady Gaga and Elton John (I mean, who hasn't?), Macy's is about to turn that dream into a reality.

According to WWD, the two pop icons have teamed up to create Love Bravery, a limited-edition clothing and accessories line that will hit this Saturday and arrive in stores on May 9. The line includes crop tops, sleeveless t-shirts, sweatshirts, and "oversized scarves with piano key prints and interpretations of Lady Gaga's face." Oh, hell yeah.

Everything is priced under $100, and 25 percent of each purchase will go toward Gaga's Born This Way Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. So there's kind of no excuse to not buy a scarf with Lady Gaga's face on it, right?