Azealia Banks Twerks Atop A Cop Car In ‘Big Big Beat’ Video

Watch her shake off her legal problems in truly fabulous fashion

Azealia Banks’ unfiltered Twitter activity tends to overshadow her music, but the Harlem singer’s new video for dancehall jam “The Big Big Beat” is here to remind us that -- oh yeah! -- her work’s worth getting excited about.

Banks pays tribute to her NYC roots (and stomps out her legal troubles) in the stylish but gritty new vid, which finds her strutting down a fluorescent-lit hallway in a fabulous fringe jacket, then dancing ecstatically outside a Manhattan courthouse, then twerking atop an NYPD cruiser. OK, so they're not your run-of-the-mill places for impromptu dance breaks, but damn, she makes it look so fun.

“The Big Big Beat” is the first single from last month’s Slay-Z mixtape, Banks’ first release since her 2014 debut album Broke With Expensive Taste.