The Game Of Crones Podcast: In Westeros, You Stay Young And Hot (Or You Die Of Internet Shame)

Listen to our in-house experts dissect the most anticipated TV return of the year, from Jon Snow's death-status to Melisandre's secret

Sunday night was Game of Thrones's Season 6 premiere, meaning it was, as usual, an evening filled with stabs, rape threats, and dozens of attempts to end human life. In this week's debut of the Game of Crones podcast, MTV News TV critic Inkoo Kang and staff writers Rachel Handler (our recapper) and Crystal Bell (our book expert) attempt to make sense of what the hell is going on in this show. Is Jon Snow dead forever, or just for fakesies? Is Melisandre extremely gross, or just pretty gross, now that she's been revealed as an Old Person? Is Arya going to be very boring now that she's been blinded? Where is Bran? Do we even care about where Bran is? Tune in to hear the answers to all of these questions, as well as an entreaty to the Game of Thrones writers to stop making Ramsay so annoying.