Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO

Maisie Williams Surprised A Bunch Of Fans At Their Game Of Thrones Party

Best. Party. Ever.

After what feels like an eternity, Game of Thrones returned for its sixth season premiere last night (April 24), and star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) decided to make one group's viewing party more memorable than the Red Wedding.

Williams shared her experience in a twelve-part Instagram story, further reminding us why Arya Stark is our absolute fave.

  • Williams's story begins where all great 21st century tales originate: Twitter.

    "(1/12) This commences my photo story. Earlier today I put this out to everyone on Twitter... I wanted to find some unsuspecting fans and surprise them with drinks and snacks before the premiere episode tonight..."

  • After choosing two insanely lucky film students, Williams knew it was go time.

    "(2/12) I found a couple, Mark and Kate, film students, who were throwing a party at their apartment, with a few friends. So at 8pm we left the hotel to go get snacks."

  • And everyone on the planet knows that "go time" must involve snacks.

    "(3/12) We saw (on Twitter) that Mark and Kate had already made Game of Thrones themed snacks, and decorated their apartment, but who doesn't love extra popcorn and crisps?"

  • In case you need a reminder, Williams is the cutest human in all of Westeros Earth.

    "(4/12) SNACKS DONE. We were on our way to surprise our lovely fans!"

  • Williams then had to channel Arya and sneak around to the party unsuspected. Thankfully, Waif (Faye Marsay) wasn't hiding in the dark, waiting to smack Williams with that damn stick again.

    "(5/12) We could hear the party inside so we had to be REALLY quiet!"

  • The surprised partygoer was all of us.

    "(6/12) Firstly, I met Mark. The buzzer was broken so Mark came down to let us in. After exhaling a "HOLY SHIT!", we hugged it out and he helped us inside."

  • Suddenly, Williams and the ringleader of the party were in cahoots.

    "(7/12) Mark and I devised a cunning plan. He would enter first declaring that they had won the GoT swag (this was a ploy we made up to throw people off the scent) and I would follow after hoping and praying that everyone would actually recognise me."

  • And that's when everyone made like the women of Dorne and freaked out (but minus all the murder and whatnot).

    "(8/12) My favourite part is how excited they sound to win the swag, little did they know, I was just around the corner..."

  • Williams made sure to document the party decorations, because unlike Jon Snow, these UCLA students know something.

    "(9/12) They had the coolest Game of Thrones decorations, but this was my favourite. My money's on dead, it seems I'm outnumbered."

  • And they're totally worthy of the Iron Throne.

    "(10/12) I went there to surprise them with snacks, but when I got there, I found myself trying one of every single snack they had made."

  • Best. Party. Ever.

    "(11/12) They were catching up on the last episode of Season 5 when I went in, and we all giggled nervously as we took pictures during the famous ‘shame' scene. I had the most amazing time, everyone was so welcoming and excited... Thanks to Mark, Kate and company for having us in your lovely flat. Enjoy the rest of Season 6."

  • Complete with cookies that would make Daenerys proud.

    "(12/12) Ps. Thanks for the dragon egg cookies, they were THA BOMB."