See A Tragic Clown Romance Unfold In The 1975’s ‘Change Of Heart’ Video

This vid might actually break your heart though

If the video for The 1975’s new single “A Change Of Heart” was titled more accurately, it would be “A Break Of Heart.” Because DAMN, this is one soul-wrenching (but admittedly beautiful) heap of sadness.

Stripped entirely of color, the bittersweet clip opens with frontman Matt Healy dressed as a powder-faced clown and wandering around an empty fairground. His female clown counterpart soon joins him, and their adventure begins to mirror a sweet-turned-sour relationship. Everything’s all dancing and magic tricks and clowning around... until the weight of falling in love hits them as hard as their bumper cars, and poor Matty is left sitting under a literal raincloud. Le sigh.

“A Change Of Heart” is the fifth single from The 1975’s recently released sophomore album, (deep breath) I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.