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Derek From Life With Derek Looks Quite Different Now

Hmm, can't quite put my finger on it

Growing up watching Life with Derek, fans were instantly attracted to Derek Venturi (Michael Seater). From his smarmy-yet-somehow-charming attitude, super good looks, and laid-back vibe, Derek melted audience's hearts -- not to mention the disconcerting sexual tension with his stepsister Casey (Ashley Leggat) he created.

But while Derek's mood changed often — he was a teenager, after all — his hair always stayed the same brown mop we know and love. However, on Thursday (April 21), Seater uploaded a selfie to Instagram that shows his brunette days are no more, at least for now.

"Freaks have more fun," Seater captioned. While it's unclear if the new ‘do is for a role or just something he felt like trying out, he seems to pull off the bleach-blond look nicely. I mean, he recently managed to make overalls not look lame, so anyone who can accomplish that can accomplish anything.