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Justin Bieber Unplugs For A Falsetto-Filled Cover Of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’

I mean, it's basically the O.G. 'Love Yourself'

Justin Bieber’s spoken before about how his musical transformation mirrors Justin Timberlake’s, and at his most recent Purpose World Tour concert, JB brought that comparison full circle with a stunning JT cover.

During the acoustic portion of his show in Louisville on Wednesday night, Bieber unplugged for a cover of Timberlake’s 2002 breakup hit “Cry Me a River.” We all know Bieber can make a biting tell-off ballad sound gorgeous (exhibit A: “Love Yourself”), so it’s no surprise that he absolutely smashes this falsetto-filled rendition.

Of course, longtime Beliebers know this isn’t the first time JB’s tried his hand at “Cry Me a River” — he previously covered it in 2008, back when BB Bieber was barely big enough to balance his guitar on his lap. Oh, how far he’s come.