A Bae For Babs: Can Barbara Evans Find Love?

The humorous 'Teen Mom 2' grandmother is back on the dating scene in a brand-new web series

Through the years, Jenelle Evans' relationship ups and downs have been chronicled on Teen Mom 2. But now, the MTV cast member's mama -- the one and only Barbara Evans -- is about to give the dating scene a whirl after a lengthy hiatus. That's right, the lovable grandmother is on the hunt for a “boooooyfriend”!

"A Bae for Babs," a charming, brand-new MTV web series, follows the Rhode Island native on her quest to find some male companionship. During each of the four episodes, Babs hits the town and goes on a different blind date. From (nervously) hitting a ropes course to putting her artistic skills on display with some paint, Babs' infectious personality and undeniable wit is on full display. So why is now the right time for Barbara to look for a potential mate?

"My kids don't even ever consider me having fun," she reveals in one of the clips in the playlist above, before adding with her one-of-a-kind cackle, "So I'd like to have a little more fun in my life before, you know, I die." The Bachelorette gals ain't got nothing on Babs...

Was Babs able to meet her perfect match? Watch "A Bae for Babs" above -- and share your pick for the best outing in the comments. Be sure to catch her every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 10/9c -- and for a fun rewind, relive her humorous take on pop culture topics in the web series "Babs Breaks It Down" below!