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19 Outfits Only Prince Could Pull Off

All different, all iconic Prince

Prince was, undeniably, a style icon. Between the ruffles, the flared pants, the sequins, and, of course, the color purple, he had multiple trademark looks -- all of which felt he made uniquely Prince.

The most iconic thing about his style, though, is that only the "Purple Rain" singer, who died at age 57 on Thursday, April 21, could pull it off. From velvet pants to monochromatic suits, it was clear that these outfits would look good on only one person.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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    There's a reason you've never seen anyone else try to pull off a ruffled, lace jumpsuit — no one else can.

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    Try as Harry Styles might, he will never wear a printed suit as well as Prince.

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    Who else could combine pink fur, a single lace glove, and shoulder pads? No one.

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    And you thought you wore high-waisted pants.

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    Even Prince's more subdued looks included sequins and wearing sunglasses inside.

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    Chest hair + velvet = an unusual combo, but one that works (when you're Prince).

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    Confident that no one else can make a sequined jacket, velvet pants, a statement necklace, and a cane work together.

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    Prince wore a shirt featuring a cartoon version of himself on it to accept his BET Lifetime Achievement Award because, well, what else would he wear?

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    These colors shouldn't work together, but here we are.

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    Of course Prince could make pinstripes look cool. Of course.

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    Just imagine looking like that in yellow pants and matching shoes.

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    That necklace. That chest hair. That fringe. That everything.

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    We should all start wearing more color. We won't look like this in head-to-toe orange, but still.

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    Pretty sure the rest of us can stop trying to make turtlenecks work for us — they'll never look like this.

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    Even at the Academy Awards, he was quintessentially Prince.

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    Every bride should aspire to look like this on their wedding day.

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    Once again, these colors shouldn't work together but, with the power of Prince on their side, they do.

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    Polka dot perfection. I mean.

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    No one else will ever come close.