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Victorious Star Avan Jogia Is Completely Unrecognizable In New Role

Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse premieres April 21 on VFILES

Avan Jogia's newest project is a complete 180 from his role as Beck Oliver on the Dan Schneider show Victorious. For starters, you wouldn't even know it's him as he's covered in makeup and looks like some kind of skeleton/zombie hybrid from Hell — which he kinda is.

Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse, a new VFILES Director Series, is a three-part short Jogia wrote and directed, which premieres today (April 21).

Grim (Landon Liboiron) wakes up to find himself dead, in Purgatory, and suffering from amnesia about how his life has reached this point. Meanwhile, Bones (Jogia) chases Grim, trying to snatch his mortal soul, but thankfully Neon (Carlson Young), his guardian angel, is there to help Grim out.

You can watch Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse on VFILES now.