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Wiz Khalifa And Curren$y Celebrated 4/20 Just Like You Hoped They Would

To help you observe the holiday even when it's over

Of course Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y decided to drop a song on 4/20. Not that being predictable is a bad thing in this case.

The friends and frequent collaborators released "Change," which is, in fact, about how they'll never change. Spitta said on Instagram that it's another taste of their upcoming 2009 mixtape, which we haven't had an update on in some time, but thankfully is still in the pipeline.

Last year, Wiz told MTV News that the two, who dropped the collaborative How Fly in 2009, the Live in Concert EP in 2013, and have plenty more music together, have no solid plan for 2009's release.

“The music is there, and we always gonna be recording and putting stuff out, so we’re just putting the plan together, really," he said. "I wanna have the best plan of action so it comes off correctly.”

Yesterday, Curren$y also dropped a new solo mixtape, Bourbon Street Secrets, produced entirely by Purps.