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Watch Ariana Grande’s Mom Lose Her Shit After Hearing Dangerous Woman Album


With Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman due out in exactly one month, few have had the privilege of listening to the album from start to finish. One lucky “fan” who did get an advance listening session, though, is Ari’s mom, Joan Grande, who reacted in what we can only assume is the most appropriate way: By screaming and almost throwing up.

In a video shared to Instagram on Wednesday, Joan gives Ariana her candid assessment of the LP. To say that it’s a glowing review would be putting it lightly... Mama Grande basically freaks the fuck out, throwing all her chill out the car window while she screams in approval.

Ari captioned the vid by writing, “mom's genuine reaction when I played her the album. (she's actually going to murder me for reposting that but it's the funniest shit I've ever seen sorry mama love you).”

She’s definitely not wrong -- this is some seriously funny shit. Here’s a full transcript of Joan’s review, in case you missed any of it:

“OHHH MY GOD. Who’s heard that? Has everyone heard that version? WHOAAAA! OH MY GODDDD! WHOAAAA! No, Ariana, I’m not kidding, that’s the best song I’ve ever heard! WHOAH! Oh my god. Holy SHIT! Oh my god, I almost vomited. I can’t believe it! WHAT’S HAPPENING at the end?!”

So is Joan just biased or is Dangerous Woman simply that sonically orgasmic? We'll find out when the LP releases on May 20. In the meantime, we'll take this as a promising sign of what's to come.