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One Direction’s Liam Payne Branches Out On Juicy J And Wiz Khalifa’s ‘You’

You've never heard Liam like this before

After mercilessly teasing us with a collaboration that we only assumed got lost in recording studio purgatory, Juicy J and Liam Payne have finally unveiled the fruits of their labor. On Wednesday, Juicy and Wiz Khalifa dropped a new track called “You,” featuring the One Direction singer as a --gasp! -- solo artist.

Juicy kicks off the song with a spoken plea to Liam: “Liam. What’s up man? It’s time bro. They’ve been waiting on this collab.” (No shit, Juicy.) The Memphis MC then dedicates “You” to “all the chicks on Snapchat” before launching into a verse with a cheeky interjection from Adele’s “Hello.” Wiz, meanwhile, stays perfectly on brand by declaring, “All I need is a big bag of weed/ And you by my side, girl.”

The rappers’ verses are broken up by Liam’s sweet, heavily Autotuned hook: “All I need is you/ Said anything you want, anything you want girl,” he croons. The lyrics aren’t too far a stretch from his 1D roots, but it’s still a bit jarring to see him navigating hip-hop territory with Juicy and Wiz. If this is any indication about his possible solo career, it looks like we’ll be seeing a side of Liam we haven’t seen before.