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Taylor Swift Just Faced One Of Her Deepest Fears

In the desert, no less

This morning, Vogue released its latest edition of "73 Questions," starring Taylor Swift. In addition to giving a look around her L.A. home, Taylor does, in fact, answer all 73 questions, revealing a lot about Taylor that we never knew before, like that she's bored of clickbait. Or that she can't do a handstand.

One of the answers most deserving of our applause and attention, though, is that Taylor recently conquered one of her greatest fears — Coachella.

When faced with the question "What's one thing you've always wanted to try but been too scared to do?" (it's around 5:39), Taylor quickly replies, "Oh, Coachella." As we all know by now, Taylor not only went to Coachella last weekend, but, like, became a Coachella expert.

Congrats, girl. You faced your fears and triumphed.