Shane's Got A New Man On Faking It, But Is He Really 'The One'?

We certainly don't need another Shuke debacle

Shane's love life has been pretty quiet since things fell apart with Duke -- until now.

On tonight's episode of Faking It, the Hester High student shared a steamy smooch with new guy Noah outside Lauren's apartment condo. Finally, YAASSSS! But is the newbie right for his sometimes-fragile heart? We certainly don't want another breakup a la Shuke, but then again, Noah seems very out of the closet, so maybe Shuke 2.0 isn't a risk factor.

On the flip side, the one-man band has been known to manipulate (cue that coffee shop contest that Karma and Shane should have won) and he's a wee bit shadester about whether or not he wants to be a part of Ze & Zim Double Entendre whatever Sharmy's band name is currently. But that kiss was real...right?

We sure want to hope so — these two are mad adorable together! But is Noah who he seems? And is he really right for Shane? Find out next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!