Teen Mom 2 Tensions: Did Jenelle Find Resolution With Nathan?

The mother of two opens up about their in-person meeting

Jenelle has clashed with her ex Nathan from afar (more specifically, via contentious phone calls and text messages) -- but on this week's Teen Mom 2 episode, Kaiser's parents finally met in person to discuss their son.

At first, the young dad was disappointed that his ex didn't bring their child to the restaurant (the toddler was at daycare), but the hostility only increased when Jenelle probed Nathan about having necessary items (i.e. a highchair) in order for Kaiser to spend an extended period of time with his father.

"I want to see my son, and if you're holding my son away from me, then I don't want to talk to you," Nathan exclaimed as he bolted for the door (as seen in the video above).

While Jenelle pressed that she just wanted to make sure her secondborn had everything he needed for an overnight stay, Nathan returned to his seat and retaliated by stating his boy was now "living with a felon" (referring to Jenelle's new boyfriend David) and that she needed to make better life decisions.

Jenelle quickly denied the allegations against David and also revealed that Nathan could see Kaiser on Christmas. But when the mother of two started discussing the assault and battery charges (which stem from an alleged altercation with Nathan's new girlfriend Jessi), the tears began to flow.

"I don't know what you guys are planning to do about these charges, but it's really going to affect my life and I won't be able to go to this surgical tech program," she stated, wiping her eyes. "I'm just trying to be a better person and let you see Kaiser, so I hope you guys do the right thing."

As Nathan stressed that he would discuss everything with Jessi, the two left the sit-down on a cordial note. But looking back at the candid chat, did Jenelle get the resolution that she wanted? Hear her explain the aftermath to MTV News in the video below -- and to see how Jenelle and Nathan's relationship evolves, be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 10/9c.