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YG And Nipsey Hussle Hit The Streets For Their 'Fuck Donald Trump' Video

And they want you to get out and vote

The message of YG and Nipsey Hussle's new video is clear: like the song says, "Fuck Donald Trump."

But there's more to it. The California natives begin the video for their anti-Trump anthem with a lengthy message scrawled across the screen. It includes the following idea: "Our opinion is that in the age of a technologically empowered and nuclear armed planet, separation is the enemy." Clearly, they feel like Trump is a proponent of that separation and so they provide a piece of advice -- "Register ASAP and choose wisely" -- to try to keep him out of office.

The black-and-white visuals serve as a de facto anti-Trump rally, as YG and Nip are joined by hundreds, marching in the street and uniting across genders, ages, races and sets -- YG, a Blood, and Nispey Hussle, a Crip -- for a singular cause.

Both YG's Still Krazy and Nip's Victory Lap are supposedly (and hopefully) on the way.