A Surprising Face Is Returning To Game Of Thrones

This character's return is a total game-changer

Game of Thrones can be a bit of a revolving door. After all, we didn't even see Bran Stark for an entire season. With dozens of characters to keep track of, sometimes ancillary plot lines and faces fall by the wayside. (Here's looking at you, dear Gendry.)

One of the more divisive story lines to get cut from the HBO drama was the resurrection of Lady Stoneheart. Every Game of Thrones fan who also read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series remembers all too well the pang of disappointment that came when Catelyn Stark did not rise again in the show's Season 4 finale. In the books -- SPOILER WARNING -- Catelyn is resurrected by Lord Beric Dondarrion three days after the Red Wedding, then she quickly lays waste to Lannister allies in the Riverlands as the lethal mute outlaw Lady Stoneheart.

Needless to say, when showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss decided to nix the Lady Stoneheart plot in Seasons 4 and 5, it was a sad day for Thrones fans. We've been waiting seasons for House Frey to get its deadly comeuppance for betraying the Starks. However, now it looks like the day of reckoning in the Riverlands has finally come. Well, maybe.

According to the Vivienne Clore acting agency, as originally spotted by Watchers on the Wall, actor Paul Kaye will return for the show's sixth season. Kaye played Thoros of Myr, the Red Priest and member of the Brotherhood Without Banners who raised Beric Dondarrion from the dead in Season 3.

Beric Dondarrion lights his sword on fire.

Does this mean Michelle Fairley will return to the series to wreak havoc in the Riverlands as Lady Stoneheart? That's still TBD. But the news has certainly fanned the flames of fervent fan speculation. If anything, Thoros's return will at least guarantee another look at the haps in the Riverlands. Could this be the season someone finally gets revenge on the Freys? Or has Thoros moved on to someplace new in the name of the Lord of the Light -- someplace where his services are needed more?

Given the rate at which characters are dying in the Seven Kingdoms, a Red Priest is surely in high demand. (But Thoros better sleep with one eye open; he's still high on Arya's kill list.)