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Little Mix Are Single And Strong As Hell On New Version Of ‘Hair’ With Sean Paul

The girls are more empowered than ever on this new cut 💪

Earlier this week, Little Mix announced that breakup anthem “Hair” would be the next single from their 2015 album, Get Weird. Fans were rightfully ecstatic -- after all, the track is empowering as hell, encouraging girls to take control of the breakup narrative by not giving pesky exes the time of day.

Now, the Brit girl group have dropped the official single version of “Hair,” which features guest vocals by Sean Paul. His Jamaican-flavored ad libs are sprinkled throughout the reworked cut, along with a new verse in which he begs his ex to “continue this party,” saying, “you’re gonna miss me.” Thankfully, Little Mix’s empowering message still stands strong against Paul’s declaration that he’s “still your number one.” Sorry, dude, but these girls definitely aren’t pushovers.