Draft Day: A Challenge Fantasy League Is Coming To MTV

Get the details on the 'Rivals III' digital game!

Choosing football players and baseball sluggers/pitchers for one's imaginary cyber team is an annual ritual for some -- and now Challenge enthusiasts will have their very own Fantasy League centered around the competition-based series. Get those MTV-themed draft picks ready...

"The Challenge: Fantasy League" will be an engaging digital extension for the upcoming 28th season, which is set to premiere on May 4 (get a taste of what's to come in the trailer above). Here's the rules for the FL: Participants create their own hand-selected Challenge group, using all of the vets and rookies who are vying for the big money. The goal: Nab your favorite or strongest competitors and add them to your team every week, then watch new episodes to see how your cast members stack up against the rest.

Be prepared for some major points if your guy/gal gets into a heated fight -- but if it gets too hot and they are DQ'd, you could be in serious trouble with a point deduction. Open mouth kiss? SCORE! Joining an alliance? YES! Getting injured…you might be out for the count...

But if you're successful and you use a winning formula for each installment, you could walk away with a trip to Mexico and have your very own Challenge experience. Sans your mortal enemy, probably.

Check out more details surrounding "The Challenge: Fantasy League" here -- and be sure to catch the premiere of The Challenge: Rivals III on Wednesday, May 4 at 10/9c!