19 Of Rihanna's Best Beauty Looks To Gaze At Until Her Makeup Line Drops

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Today, after months of speculation, it was confirmed that Rihanna will be releasing her own makeup collection. But since it won't be out until Fall 2017, we're biding time by rounding up some of Rihanna's most iconic beauty moments.

Behold 19 of her greatest beauty triumphs, and imagine a world in which you can paint your face with products that Rihanna has signed off on.

  1. At the 2013 Grammys, Rih matched her lipstick to her dress, proving that a red lip goes with anything, even a dress of the same color.

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    Rih paired her legendary CFDA dress with a very smoky eye and nude lip, because you don't really need a bright lip when you're wearing a completely sheer dress.

  3. In the year 2016, Rihanna made shimmery purple eye shadow work for her. That requires talent that most of us don't have.

  4. In 2013, she dared to pair a bright blue lip with a mullet. Only Rihanna could make us even consider purchasing blue lipstick.

  5. Because she is a goddess, Rihanna's best makeup looks aren't limited to red carpets — she's been known to match her fuschia lipstick to her dress while just ~hanging out~.

  6. Guess who wore lip gloss before the rest of us even reconsidered it? RIHANNA, THAT'S WHO.

  7. Not many people can pull off orange lipstick and an allover shimmer. Not many people are Rihanna.

  8. One thing is clear — we need this makeup collection to have products that allow us to achieve a complexion this flawless. We'll also accept matching lip and blush colors.

  9. At her first annual Diamond Ball, Rih, unsurprisingly, showed the hell up with a dramatic cat eye and, yet again, lipstick that perfectly matched her dress.

  10. When we first saw this look in 2015, the only response we could muster was, "Rihanna, How Do You Even?" That's still how we feel, TBH.

  11. Here's hoping the makeup collection sells whatever it is that gives Rih her glow. It's not right.

  12. At the 2015 Grammys, Rih wore minimal makeup while managing to look entirely put together. I mean, what more makeup could you really wear with a gigantic pink dress, y'know?

  13. Queen of wearing lipstick better than everyone else. Sorry, everyone else.

  14. That blush. That liner. That faux beauty mark. THAT EVERYTHING.

  15. Oh, this? Just Rihanna wearing a deep, deep purple lipstick while out one night in New York. Same.

  16. Seriously, though, how do you wear green lipstick and look stunning? Once Rih is done with her book I'd love for her to write a how-to guide.

  17. You may have noticed that Rihanna often plays up her lips rather than her eyes, but, um, when her eyes are more heavily made up, they're like, as piercing as eyes can possibly be. JFC.

  18. Again, Rih, I will do anything to achieve this glow. I'll take vitamins. I'll slather whatever all over my face. I'll drink smoothies. Just let me know what it takes, please.

  19. Yeah, Rihanna knows makeup. When do pre-orders start????

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