These Bloodlines Are Ready To Battle It Out On Rivals

Tony and Camila clashed in Turkey -- but now they're on the same team

Battle of the Bloodlines brought some fresh family members to the Challenge mix -- and the brand-new format made some newbies (and a few familiar faces) fight and caused a splattering of plasma. Kidding about the latter reference, but these athletes did not vibe -- and now they'll be put to the test when they are partnered up on Rivals III.

Let's begin with Camila and Tony: The hot-tempered duo bickered because he made some controversial comments at Larisa (the champ's sister). And because blood is indeed thicker than water, these two did not get off on good footing during their Turkey tenure.

"You can f**k with me, but don't f**k with my baby sister ever because that will not turn out well for you," the Battle of the Exes victor discloses in the introduction video seen above.

On the flip side, no specific incident caused Jenna and Vince to be adversaries -- however, their distaste for each other was solely based on each other's personalities. Or, if you ask the Bloodlines third place finisher, he "gets on her nerves."

"We're probably going to butt heads a lot," Jenna explains in the introduction video above. "But we're both here for the same thing -- we want to win and then we're probably never going to see each other after this."

Meanwhile, KellyAnne and Jamie may have been on the same Blue Team -- but the Real World: Sydney alum was not feeling his style of game-play.

"Last season, it was your first and you panicked a lot," KellyAnne states in the clip above, while 1/2 of the reigning champs listens at her side. "I think when people panic, it makes them look weak. And we're not weak, and I'm not going to let people think we're weak because we're panicking." A note to Jamie: DON'T PANIC!

Lastly, Dario and Nicole were both new to the Challenge scene last season -- but because he wanted to vote out his current partner and her cousin Nany, pleasantries were short-lived. And, as seen in the video below, Nicole is still feeling the sting because of his previous elimination plan.

"He's a cocky, condescending asshole and thinks he knows everything when he really doesn't," a blunt Nicole exclaims.

Will these teams be able to squash their rivalries, start out fresh and bring home the grand prize? Watch all of the videos to get a first taste of these combinations and what lies ahead for the four pairs — and be sure to catch the premiere of The Challenge: Rivals III on Wednesday, May 4 at 10/9c!