Johnny Cyrus / Instagram

Two Kylie Jenner Tattoos Weren't Enough For This Superfan

The lip kit lives forever

One Kylie Jenner tattoo wasn't enough for superfan Johnny Cyrus. Neither were two, apparently. But maybe the third time's the charm?

On Wednesday, April 13, the 18-year-old showed off the latest addition to his Kylie ink collection: a series of permanent lipstick swatches from her famous lip kits. His previous two tattoos were of Kylie Cosmetics' logos, so we guess this was the logical next step.

“I love the colors so much I needed them on my body,” Cyrus told BuzzFeed. He's the proud owner of all eight lip kits and three glosses.

The dedicated stan got inked at Walker's Point Tattoo in Milwaukee. Kylie hasn't seen it (yet!), but last month, the two met for the first time at the Sugar Factory grand opening in Orlando.

And as for the haters, Cyrus has a message for them, too.