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Taylor Swift Is Unrecognizable — No, Really! — On Her New Vogue Cover

Taylor, is that rly you?

The word "unrecognizable" is thrown around prettttty liberally on the Internet, because, LBR, who doesn't want to see their fave looking completely different than what they're used to? Well, I am here to tell you that Taylor Swift looks genuinely unrecognizable on her brand new Vogue cover.

See for yourself!

Yes, this person, with her platinum blonde bob, is Taylor Swift. Sure, the trademark red lipstick is there, but even it is not enough to make us see that image and go, "Oh, yes, definitely Taylor Swift."

Though the hair is the biggest part of her transformation, the clothes she wears in the shoot don't hurt either — they're decidedly ~edgier~ than the flouncy skirts and crop tops we've come to expect from her. I mean, we'd expect these Marc Jacobs platforms on Rihanna, but Taylor Swift? Never.

You can read the interview, which took place right before her best friend's wedding, and see more from the futuristic shoot on Vogue's website.