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Beyoncé Threw An Insane, Princess-Themed Party For Blue Ivy

My wedding won't be as elaborate

In case there was any doubt in your mind that Blue Ivy has the best life, please behold these photos from her recent party. It is a literal fairy tale and even, like, your wedding won't stack up. Sorry.

On her website, Beyoncé shared a few images from a soiree thrown for Blue — her birthday is in January, so either the party was very belated, Bey didn't share the photos right away, or it was just a random party — and, uh, it looks like the greatest princess-themed event in the history of the world. I am not four years old, but I am freaking out over the tents, racks of costumes, and flowers hanging from the ceiling. I can only imagine how actual children felt.

I mean, wings were provided. Look at that pile of markers. Did you know enough people at four to fill that many chairs? No? I didn't think so (me neither).

Hey, having Beyoncé and Jay Z as parents seems pretty cool, huh? If you want to continue being jealous, head over to Bey's website.