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This Student Was Kicked Out Of Her Sorority For A 'Provocative' Tinder Picture

The sorority allegedly also called the image 'promiscuous'

A student in the Midwest has gone public with allegations that her former sorority has characterized her as "promiscuous" and "provocative" for appearing on an app everyone reading this probably also has on their phone.

University of Nebraska Omaha student Shannon Workman was kicked out of her sorority, Chi Omega, for a posting an image on her Tinder profile that officials deemed "provocative." The picture in question? A photograph of Workman and two friends posing in their Chi Omega tees.

Shannon Workman / Facebook

You're probably wondering where the problem is here. According to a Chi Omega sorority guideline called the "Human Dignity” rule, sisters aren't allowed to post photos wearing their letters on any platform that would bring "disrespect to the chapter."

According to the sorority official that called a disciplinary meeting with Workman, Tinder is considered a hookup app.

"[The Chi Omega official] said pictures that are promiscuous or risqué in nature require a personnel meeting," Workman told Good Morning America this morning in an interview. "I was so humiliated."

Incensed, Workman decided to secretly record her hearing, in which a Chi Omega official can be heard at once calling her disrespectful for her questions and praising her for her honesty -- right before saying Chi Omega was going to pursue "membership revocation."

That was enough for Workman, who said she was quitting on the spot and "never coming back again."

Chi Omega released a statement to GMA, saying "Personnel matters are handled by our local chapters. Chi Omega process offers a series of checks and balances to ensure any sanctions imposed are reasonable and fair. Shannon opted to voluntarily resign from membership. The national organization offers an appeal process to those who do not voluntarily resign."

Watch an interview Workman gave to GMA below.