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Aziz Ansari Made A Strange, Wonderful Music Video For Kanye West's 'Famous'

With Master of None costar Eric Wareheim

Aziz Ansari is both a funny, creative guy and a Kanye West fan, and it's an interplay that he's woven into his stand-up routine in the past. Now, he's merging those two worlds again, with a music video for Kanye's "Famous."

The video stars Aziz — known here as Lil Bud — and fellow comedian and Master of None star Eric Wareheim — a.k.a. Big Bud — as they dance, prance, and eat their way through the streets of what appears to be Rome.

It's basically a home video of two friends on vacation, with "Famous" as the soundtrack, and it's really, really special.

Now's a good time to revisit Aziz's Kanye bit while you're at it, too.