Here's How To Fix Those Stupidly Small Pockets On Your Jeans


You'll never complain about your too-small pockets again, thanks to this easy hack from Alyssa Westfield. She posted a handy tutorial on her Tumblr, Quixiiify, explaining how to extend your jeans pockets to fit your phone, your wallet, and your life.

"I’m often frustrated by the ridiculous smallness of girls' pockets," Westfield wrote. "At a bare minimum, I need to be able to shove my cellphone in there — come on, pants companies! So what I started doing was making myself pocket extenders. I’ve done this several times, for pants and shorts. It’s great."

To get started, find a scrap piece of fabric, a needle, and some thread. Yep, this trick does require some sewing, but don't let that scare you. Even if you're terrible at alterations, you can still pull this one off. Since the stitches are hidden underneath your jeans or shorts, it doesn't matter how crooked or uneven they are. No one will see them.

Once you're ready to get a-stitching, here's Westfield's totally genius tutorial:

All hail pockets that can actually fit your phone! Now can somebody please figure out a way to correct the injustice that is faux pockets?! Please and thank you.

H/T Elite Daily