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Odd Man Out: These Real World Alums Failed To Click With Their Roommates

Jenna is hardly the first cast member to have issues with her cohorts.

For 24 years and counting, every season of the Real World has been responsible for spawning unique interpersonal relationships among a diverse group of people who definitely would not have interfaced in their everyday lives. But sometimes, one person in each respective house has difficulty getting along with their fellow twentysomethings -- and when it comes to Go Big or Go Home, Jenna falls in this category.

During tonight's brand-new episode, the Southerner -- who has contemplated leaving the once-in-a-lifetime experience because of her uninspiring connections with everyone in the Gold Spike Hotel -- finally learned that Chris was the person responsible for spreading information about her character all over the Internet. While Chris ultimately came clean about his actions (it was his mission to do so), Jenna said during a separate interview that he was "scum of the earth."

But Jenna is hardly the first RW guy or gal to feel alienated and have issues with everyone else under the same roof. Take a look back at several other folks who didn't click with the people around them during their televised tenure -- and be sure to keep watching Real World: Go Big or Go Home to see if Jenna can form alliances with Dione, Dean, Kailah, Chris, Sabrina and CeeJai'.

  1. Puck from Real World: San Francisco

    The bicycle messenger's rebellious attitude cost him his residency in the Lombard Street digs -- and the man who stuck his fingers in the peanut butter jar was ultimately asked ordered to leave the premises (over the phone, no less).

  2. David from Real World: New Orleans

    Unforgettable rendition of "Come on Be My Baby Tonight" aside (relive the singing performance which flared up a memorable fight with Kelley and Danny in the clip above), the buff Midwesterner didn't exactly click with his NOLA peers and had an easier time bonding with various women he met outside of the Belfort Mansion.

  3. Tonya from Real World: Chicago

    The blond beauty was more interested in speaking with her boyfriend back home rather than getting to know the other six strangers. And let's just say the then-21-year-old had negative opinions about most of her housemates -- and they felt the same way about her (the back-and-forth conversations in the throwback above is all the proof you need to understand the Windy City tension).

  4. Frankie from Real World: San Diego

    The late cast member was extremely homesick throughout her SoCal stay -- and this feeling was mostly fueled by the fact that she didn't really form any loyal friendships with her cohorts. So she bid everyone a premature farewell -- in her Halloween costume.

  5. CT from Real World: Paris

    The Challenge champ did not mesh well with the majority of his cast members (the feud with Leah and Christina, featured above, is a standout moment) and he actually opted to spend the last night in the City of Lights alone while the rest of the gang went out for a final hurrah.

  6. Greg from Real World: Hollywood

    The aspiring model was ultimately ousted from the City of Angels because of his bad work ethic at the cast's comedy club job -- and none of his fellow California transplants stood up for him when he was fired.

  7. Ryan from Real World: New Orleans

    Besides the hairdresser's obsession with using a blow dryer on himself, his sloppiness and unpredictable behavior ultimately led to his eviction from the 24th installment.

  8. Bruno from Real World: Skeletons

    The New Englander was initially a strong member of the Wolfpack -- but after several months (maybe blame it on the burger fiasco?) he only said goodbye to Nicole at the end of the bones-themed season.