This Student Got All The Answers Correct But Still Lost A Point For The Dumbest Reason

Prepare to groan loudly

There's nothing more satisfying than totally owning your math homework, proving you found X and his buddy Y, and could do it again if need be. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for the pal of Imgur user blakebatgo, who uploaded a pic of his friend's homework and the stupid reason it lost one point.

Now, before you say, "But that doesn't look anything like advanced calculus. It looks more like regular algebra!" I'm inclined to agree with you — as do many others on the Internet. But that's not why we're here, so let's move on.

If this mystery kid did get all the answers correct, then he or she should've received a 100 percent, not 99. I have nothing nice to say about the teacher who decided this was totally OK, because I think we've all had teachers like this, as evidenced by some user comments.

One person said, "I've had many Uni teachers say they don't give full marks, just because," while another shared, "In 7th grade a friend of mine was docked a single point on a Spanish test for a capitalization just so the teacher could say no one got 100 percent."

But wait, it gets even more ridiculous! A third commenter confessed, "Had a prof once take a mark off for writing a 2 that looped at the bottom, would write on the paper 2 not 2 - 1."

A fourth created this newest addition to the Unhelpful High School Teacher meme, which pretty much sums up everyone's feelings on this perceived injustice.