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These Magical 3-D Tattoos Will Fool All Your Friends

A tattoo artist in Portland is bringing his ink to life

April Fool's Day is long over, but it's not too late to pull a fast one over your friends -- courtesy of 3-D style tattoos, the latest trend in body art. A tattoo artist named Dave -- he goes by Winston the Whale online -- based in Portland, Oregon has made these his specialty.

The blue-and-red designs look like they'll transform into multi-dimensional masterpieces when you put on 3-D glasses, but they fool everyone because "they don’t actually work on skin," Dave told the Huffington Post.

In other words, when you tell your friends about your new badass 3-D tattoo, no one will know you're exaggerating unless they happen to be wearing 3-D glasses at the time. Luckily these designs are super original and eye-catching even without the extra dimension.

“It’s really about delivering something that is stripped down to the basics for maximum impact upon immediate viewing,” Dave said. “People only really look at an image for a second or two and these little 3-D designs capture their attention for just the right amount of time.”

Check out Dave's diverse ink work below.

To see more of Dave's work, visit his website and Instagram.

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