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God Damned Mississippi

Hanging hate on faith

Mississippi needs Jesus.

They're trying to resurrect him

From the tomb of Leviticus.

Hanging hate on faith,

praying “God, deliver us!”

For the evil of love

For the threat of compassion

For this, people made sure

God damned Mississippi

You have no idea what's at stake.

They want to protect every church

and DJ and purveyor of cake.

They want to protect you

from the families queer folk make.

For man and husband

For woman and wife

For the fear of self-defined gender

God damned Mississippi.

The faithful value their defiance

of laws supporting fairness.

They refuse to be compliant.

Respect for others means little

to evangelizing tyrants.

For federal funding

For bringing in new jobs

For anything that looks like equality

God damned Mississippi.

Someone else's God

must have blessed Mississippi

When love met love and decided to stay

When a parent decided to raise the future alone

When truth was found in a chosen name

When God created someone

whose life defied the old laws.

The God of some

would damn Mississippi.

And North Carolina.

And Tennessee.

God damned Mississippi.

The people will set it free.

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