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The Best Dressed Guys At The Movie Awards Left Their Suits At Home

Who needs a suit when you have a meme'd out button-up?

We're always on the lookout for guys on the red carpet. While it's usually a sea of black suits and tuxes, there are the occasional risk-takers who pull off unusual or atypical looks. To honor these brave men for their efforts, we rounded up the best outfits dudes rocked on this year's Movie Awards red carpet (check them out in action alongside the ladies who slayed the carpet in the clip above). Thank you for your service, gentlemen.

  • Tyler Posey
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    Fun fact: This is the Viacom-required uniform for all MTV employees. I'm actually wearing one right now, in chartreuse.

  • Brandon Wardell
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    There are officially two people who can pull off the OVO sweatsuit Drake wore in the "Work" video. One of them is Drake. The other is Twitter savant Brandon Wardell.

  • Blake Anderson
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    Blake showed up to the red carpet in one of his own designs, a button-up shirt with a Pepe the frog print. I would like my own pls, thx.

  • Miles Teller
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    There were a lot of bomber jackets on the carpet, but Miles' silk version was the one to beat.

  • Jaden Smith
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    While this was a relatively tame night for Jaden's style, we'd be remiss to leave the most risk-taking guy on the red carpet off the list. And the leather jacket and plaid shirt combo is a look he pulls off well.

  • Common, Andy Samberg, and Jorma Taccone
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    As Common's future first wife, Andy's future second wife, and Jorma's future friend by association (not that I'm complaining 😏), I feel obligated to include them all on this list as a trio. Not only are they all enormously talented, but they're also enormously attractive and well-dressed. Thank you for hanging out.

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