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11 Creative, Must-Hear Covers Of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’

From pop stars to hard rockers, everyone's given the tune their own cool twist

Though Justin Bieber’s latest single, “Company,” is currently climbing its way up the charts, no one can resist letting go of “Love Yourself.”

Five whole months after the Purpose ballad premiered, it’s continuing to take on new life through a huge crop of creative covers. Everyone from hard rockers to country balladeers to JB’s pop contemporaries have taken the Ed Sheeran-penned tune into new territory, proving how wildly versatile a song it is.

To celebrate the undying love for “Love Yourself,” here are 11 of the coolest renditions we’ve seen:

  1. What happens when you replace “love” with a bunch of F-bombs? The subtly vengeful song becomes the biting kiss-off it was always destined to be.

  2. Craig David’s Justin-approved cover.

    Try to resist bopping along to this sped-up version, I dare you. Between the infectious club groove and that fiery rap verse, it’s no wonder why JB himself had to give David props.

  3. Yo Preston! and Kelly Kiara’s perspective-changing switch-up.

    In perhaps the most imaginative twist on this list, the two YouTube stars teamed up for a new rendition that shows the girl’s perspective of the breakup. She responds to his shady “go love yourself” chorus with a cool “go fuck yourself” refrain after insisting that the guy lied and cheated on her. DAMNNNN!

  4. Lukas Graham's countrified cover.

    The way he rolls through his lower register on the verses and then takes kicks things up several notches on the chorus will leave you simply stunned.

  5. The Vamps’ group effort.

    The Brit band trade vocals for a collaborative, harmony-filled cover that’s only made better by the funny vid featuring plenty of outtakes at the end.

  6. Alessia Cara’s bedroom jam sesh.

    She says she learned the song “like three seconds ago” but of course managed to churn out an ultra-dreamy rendition. OF COURSE.

  7. Thomas Rhett’s twangy take.

    The country star’s biggest hit to date, “Die a Happy Man,” is a sweet ode of devotion, but he convincingly channels Bieber’s angst and shade in this acoustic cover.

  8. Escape the Fate’s shockingly faithful rendition.

    The hard rockers sent shockwaves through their fanbase with this curveball cover choice, which is surprisingly soft and sweet.

  9. There’s nothing soft and sweet here; Haiz gives her spin plenty of oomph.

  10. Megan Nicole and Wesley Stromberg’s dreamy duet.

    Between their soft harmonies and the quietly sizzling fire behind them, YouTube star Megan and Emblem 3 singer Wesley bring plenty of peaceful vibes here.

  11. Dylan Scott’s country-gospel twist.

    The deep-voiced singer recruited a choir to lend their haunting vocals to his snap-filled serenade.

  12. Camila Cabello’s creative reworking.

    In a series of Instagram clips, Camila shared her playful version of JB’s tune, which includes a completely revamped bridge with her own lyrics: “You tried to make me insecure/ You tried to break me, maybe ‘cause you couldn’t love yourself.”

  13. And of course, Morgan Freeman’s dramatic reading.

    You didn’t think we’d forget this one, did you? NEVER!