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Chris Rock Is Here To Get Your Hopes Up For An Andre 3000 Solo Album

Is he to be trusted?

Andre 3000's long-awaited solo album may never become a reality, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating for years.

On Thursday night, Chris Rock played on that fragile hope, posting a picture of himself, Andre and a few others -- Dave Chappelle, D-Nice, Jarobi White and Jack White (no relation) -- with a caption that either confirmed that the elusive project was indeed in the works, or was an exercise in expert trolling.

I am, sadly, going with option B: that this was a comedian making a joke.

Then again, there's another picture floating around of these guys in the studio -- "I'm always recording," Dre told Billboard in January -- joined by Q-Tip. Earlier this week, at Phife Dawg's memorial, Andre mentioned feeling regretful that Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest never collaborated on an album like they intended so, hey, who knows.

Never give up hope!