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Say Goodbye To American Idol With 5 Emotional Moments From The Finale

Just a few reasons we'll miss this show

That’s it, guys: American Idol is over, and we’ll never get to see the country’s most talented singers go head-to-head for a record deal again, except on all of the shows that American Idol would inspire during its 15-season run.

The series didn’t go down without a fight, though; last night’s (April 7) series finale brought on a ton of star power to see out the cultural institution.

There was a tribute to David Bowie, an appearance from J. Lo, and plenty of other moments that made us realize just how much we’re going to miss this show. Watch our favorites below.

  1. The 'Three Divas'

    Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia Barrino, and LaToya London teamed up to sing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Remember the Music."

  2. David Bowie Tribute

    How are you going to close pop’s biggest TV show without honoring one of pop’s biggest icons? Five alums (all armed with acoustic guitars) sang some of Bowie’s best.

  3. William Hung Sings ‘She Bangs'

    We’ll always remember the Idol champs, but the losers hold a special place for us, too.

  4. Just About Everyone Comes Together For ‘One Voice'

    Like, everyone.

  5. Jennifer Lopez Debuts ‘Ain’t Yo Mama'

    And performs her 2003 hit “Let’s Get Loud."