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These Two Kids Got To Sing With Shawn Mendes Before Their Talent Show

Never meet your heroes... unless your hero is Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes isn’t technically an adult yet (the big 1-8 is still four months away), but he’s already inspiring a new generation of budding musicians.

Take 9-year-old Jordan and 12-year-old James, for example. The two New Jersey natives are such huge Shawn fans that they decided to cover his songs at next week’s Garden of Dreams Talent Show at Radio City Music Hall. And in preparation of their big performance, they got some A-list help from -- you guessed it! -- Shawn himself.

A new video from Teen Vogue shows the Canadian superstar surprising his two young fans, which naturally prompted some stunned reactions. Once they were considerably less starstruck, though, it was down to business, as Shawn practiced with the boys one-on-one. Together, they rehearsed a few of Shawn’s most beloved songs, like “Stitches” and “Something Big,” and the 17-year-old couldn’t help but gush over the boys’ singing and guitar skills. And rightfully so — these little dudes are hella talented, and more than held their own while harmonizing with their hero.

Check out the vid below to see all the adorableness unfold.