Chance The Rapper And Saba Light Up Chicago In New ‘Angels’ Video

Chance takes flight in this joyous love letter to his hometown

Chance the Rapper’s love for his hometown of Chicago knows no bounds, a concept he toys with in his new high-flying “Angels” video.

The mind-blowing clip begins with a young boy transfixed on a jet stream overhead. Amazingly enough, the sky-surfer in question turns out to be Chance, who raps about his Southside roots while sporting trippy goggles and his trusty White Sox cap (no, it’s not one of the ones he designed for the team).

The 22-year-old eventually lands on the roof of the metropolis’ L train, where a spirited dance party breaks out inside. Meanwhile, Chance takes a joyride through the city and gets (literally) animated.

Linking up with fellow Chicagoan Saba, who contributes vocals on the track’s chorus, Chance takes the party to the streets come nightfall. The two show off some spark-inducing footwork, similar to the choreography they busted out while premiering the song on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show last year.

Check out the full vid below, bask in the posi vibes, and repeat after Chance: “I got angels all around me, they keep me surrounded.”