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Nicki Minaj Invites Fan To Rap Onstage With Her, Leaves Because He's So Good

And he did a split

Nicki Minaj has a history of bringing fans onstage at her shows. There was the fan that asked for a lap dance. There were those fans she invited to join her for "Whip It" during her European tour last year. And, of course, there was Donnie.

One constant seems to be that she always has fun with it, and a stop in South Africa late last month was no different. As multiple fans joined her during "Bottom's Up," her 2010 collaboration with Trey Songz, Nicki soon gave the mic to one in particular. His rapping quickly turned into a full-fledged performance, which included crowd interaction and what might as well have been a choreographer dance routine with Nicki. As if that wasn't enough, the way the fan ended the performance -- with a spin and a split -- was just too much for Nicki, who decided it was time to exit stage right.

This is called making the most of your moment, guys.